Release Updates in May 2024

Update on 25 May, 2024

1. Staged enhancement for the partner function

1.1 Multi-layer partner management

1.2 Tenant management by the partner

2. Fixes for the Admin UI and optimization

Update on 18 May, 2024

1. Admin UI enhancement for the better logging and optimization

2. Enhancement for the better SOC monitoring and protection

Update on 11 May, 2024

1. Outbound Solution Report

Attached the report details in csv format in the email.

2. Enhanced Dashboard on the group/tenant level

Dashboard report is available at the group/tenant level. It would help to overall traffic better. Also, the status per domain.

3. UI Enhancement

Added the toggle menu button at the top to maximize the data view page for the data zoom in analysis.

Update on 4 May, 2024

1. Managed Service Provider Quarantine Review Page

A central place for MSP reviewing all emails

2. Security enhancement to catch HTML-format phishing attachment

The HTML attachment based phishing attacks are now protected by the zero trust module