Integrate SobSecurity Cloud Email Security with Zimbra

If you work with both SorbSecurity Private or Public Cloud Email Security(the “SCES“) and Zimbra, you can integrate the two products to have the secured, collaborated and productive environment.

Zimbra Collaboration (hereinafter known as Zimbra) is an open source messaging and collaboration solution that provides email services as an alternative to Microsoft Exchange.

Together, SCES and Zimbra provide the following capabilities:

  • Sorb Security SCES – Secure the users from Email Threats
  • Zimbra inbox is a starting point for content sharing & collaborating, chats and video meetings.

Why use Sorb Security SCES for Zimbra

Make your Zimbra safer and protect your business’s data

Zimbra is a good communication platform, but the default AntiSpam and AntiVirus engines are not good enough for the business. To address this issue, we designed SCES for Zimbra. It’s a secure email gateway solution based on advanced protection, and deeply integrated with Zimbra by Zimbra SOAP API. SCES works with several technologies to protect your business against different types of threats, such as ransomware, malware, DDoS, phishing, and spam.

Have visibility over your email flow and real-time protection

Sorb Security for Zimbra provides comprehensive reports that empower you to make informed decisions about safeguarding your business information. With enhanced visibility and control, you can effectively manage your cybersecurity and protection needs. Our solution is also powered by a robust threat intelligence network, ensuring real-time protection for your business.

Eliminate phishing, ransomware and spam while boosting productivity

Phishing, Ransomware, Spam and other threats affect the productivity and routine of your business. Sorb Security for Zimbra uses multiple technologies to fight these email threats, such as spam and phishing. This way your team doesn’t waste time deleting unsolicited emails and doesn’t take the risk of falling into a scam. That is, Sorb Security helps Zimbra & Users stay secure and productive.

Better productivity with Zimbra SOAP API, Sorb Security AI and Cloud Archive

Enhance productivity with the combined power of Zimbra SOAP API, Sorb Security’s AI and Cloud Archive. The Zimbra SOAP API streamlines communication and automates workflows, while Sorb Security’s AI enhances efficiency by providing translation services, summarizing documents, and drafting emails. Additionally, our comprehensive archiving solutions ensure that your critical business information is securely stored and easily retrievable, facilitating better decision-making and operational efficiency.

Easy integration with Zimbra

Integration Guide with SCES