SorbSecurity Cloud Platform Service Level Agreement

1. Standard Terms Applicable to the SLA:
A. Definitions.
Except as otherwise modified or defined herein, all capitalized terms in this SLA have the same meanings as set forth in the Agreement. For purposes of this SLA, the following definitions will apply.
A.1 “Emergency Maintenance” means any time outside of Scheduled Maintenance Window that SorbSecurity is required to apply urgent patches or fixes or undertake other urgent maintenance activities. If Emergency Maintenance is required, SorbSecurity will contact Customer and provide the expected start time and the planned duration of the Emergency Maintenance and if SorbSecurity expects the Platform to be unavailable during the Emergency Maintenance.
A.2 “Platform” means the SorbSecurity Information and Cloud Security Platform console that hosts SorbSecurity Service Products.
A.3 “Service Product” means a product that is part of the Platform.
A.4 “Scheduled Maintenance Window” means the window during which weekly scheduled maintenance of the Platform may be performed. The Scheduled Maintenance Window is on Sundays between the hours of 12:00am and 06:00am Singapore Time (SGT/GMT+8).
A.5 “System Availability” is defined in Section C.

B. Exclusions
B.1 Customer shall not have any remedies under any SLA to the extent any SLA claim is due to: (i) use of a Service Product outside the scope described in the Agreement; (ii) Customer Equipment and/or third party software, hardware, public cloud or network infrastructure not under the direct control of SorbSecurity; (iii) failure of Customer to meet the configuration requirements for Customer Equipment set forth in the Documentation; or (iv) a Force Majeure Event. These SLAs do not apply to any end-of-life product or software version.

C. The following SLA applies to SorbSecurity Platform System Availability
C.1 SorbSecurity warrants at least 99.99% Platform System Availability for Customer to access the Platform during each calendar month. System Availability means the total time during which the Platform is available to Customer, excluding Scheduled Maintenance Window and Emergency Maintenance (“System Availability”).
C.2 Remedy: If Platform System Availability is less than 99.99% and if Customer has fulfilled all obligations under the Agreement and this SLA.

% of Platform System Availability per Calendar Month