Sorb sending limits in SorbSecurity Cloud Email Security(SCES)

To keep systems healthy and accounts safe, SCES limits the number of messages users can send per day, and the number of recipients per message.

If your users exceed an email sending limit, they’ll get an error message, such as:

You have reached a limit for sending email.
You reached a sending limit.
You exceeded the maximum recipients.

After reaching one of these limits, users can’t send new messages for up to 24 hours. However, they can still get incoming email, and use any other Sorb services. After this suspension period, sending limits are reset and users can resume sending mail.

Limit TypeLimit DescriptionAction
Rate Control100 messages in 600 secondsDefer
Max messages per day2,000 messages daily sending limit per user accountDefer/Quarantine
Recipients per message100 recipients per messageDefer/Quarantine
Total messages/recipients per day10,000 Email addresses (recipients) count each time a message is sent; 5 emails sent to 10 addresses count as 50 total recipients.Defer/Quarantine

Contact support if you have any questions.